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I am based in Los Angeles, but Florida raised. I began my acting career in the early 90's performing the most recent SNL sketches in my parents' front yard. From there I kept acting or performing whenever I got the chance. I performed on the dance floor, the balance beam, on the stage, and still my parents' front yard.


As a freshman at Florida State University I began my formal education in theater, acting, and tailgating. I honed my moniker as the real LadyBro, kind and helpful with charm and a quick wit. I continued performing, in plays like Chicago, playing a merry murderess (June) and in films at the prestigious FSU Film School, playing everything from a debutante to the leader of gas heist.


After college I toured Florida with an educational theatre troupe, Fantasy Theatre Factory, teaching the youths about nature conservation, history, and more. I also took on the role of Head Choreographer for a children's summer camp in Aventura, FL for several years, as well as taught middle school Math. All the while still performing in theatre, film and TV projects throughout Florida.


Since starting my journey in the other Sunshine State, California, I have only continued to grow in education, artistry, and experiences. I've performed in comedic shorts for sponsors on social media, in feature length films that have gone on to win awards in the festival circuit, to cable television shows. I've recorded voice over for radio and television commercials, videogames, and audiobooks.


Aside from talking and feeling feelings, I also run my own accountability group, called Artists Accountability, or AA for short. We meet twice a month to discuss goals and help keep each other, you guessed it, accountable!


When I'm not hustling in the booth/on set OR bullying people into achieving their dreams, you can find me hiking in Malibu, camping in Joshua Tree, or jetsetting to what seems like an endless amount of Bachelorette parties/baby showers/Girls Trips with my best friends who are now scattered across the country.

I've been referred to as a Human Golden Retriever and that doesn't bother me one bit, because like a Golden Retriever I am always ready to be of service and have fun at the same time. Plus, most everyone loves me.



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